༺ bucket ༻

don't freak out

when Hughie is freaking out
Cháng Kè says:

ruminating on hurts of the past
only hurts you in the present
it’s usually pain and tiredness
that is really the problem
so stop trying to figure it out
stop trying to fix it
stop trying

it’s only a false alarm
remember your heart
is both good and true
and is made up out of
everything and everyone else
and so practice
is for all of us

the universe wants you
or you wouldn’t be here
your honour is redeemed
the pain is not failure
it’s the fare for the ferryman
to bring you back across
just what Mother Nature needs
in return for your life

so have a rest
then take the backward step
love cannot arrive from outside
we must return
in silent appreciation
to this moment
just being itself
and sit still
in the heart
with all suffering beings

have faith and surrender
to the surrounding hush
so bright
with loving

HC: 2019