༺ bucket ༻

guard dog

after the show
laughter applause uproar
echoeing freshly
we packed it all up
putting the tent to bed
everyone wanted to go for a bevvy
all rosy-cheeked and frisky
but we couldn’t leave all the gear
amps and instruments
lights and props
the whole little-big-top

our visitors told of their circus
they had a guard dog
they tied it to the main rope
hanging from the top rigging bar
he could roam around the centre circle
ready to give the frighteners
to any intruders

so our Jakey-boy
the ‘blob’
was duly given the audition
I tied him firmly
gave him a little scriggle
told him he was a good boy
picked my way out
of the darkened tent
and off we jogged
to the pub

at kicking out time
flushed with bonhomie
we wandered back
what was that?
something in the distance?

wooooooooooo awoooooooooo

I rushed back
bumped through the scenery
and released blobdog
all alone in the dark

our mates laughed
that’s no guard dog
but I felt so guilty
he had tons of extra treats
he was a much nobler creature
than me
I can’t forgive that fast
not like a dog can

HC: Nov 2022