༺ bucket ༻

snow ball

the snow was brilliant
the whole school
going mad
the play ground riotous
snow balls flying everywhere

Sister Mary
in full habit
came to break it up
blowing her whistle
and shoo-ing everyone
back to their classes

as we left
I turned to see her
shoving the boys
off the other side
of the playground

one last snow ball
might just reach her
what was that?
fifty yards or something?
I don’t know

like magic
it left my hand
and described the perfect arc
never before or since
have i thrown such a throw

even now
I recall the apalling thrill
the sheer jubilation
the back of her head
protected by a dark blue veil
went ‘dufff’

St Joe's Upper School playground
St Joe's Upper School playground
HC: 2022