༺ bucket ༻

top dogs

the top dogs
our CEO from Murca
with his consigliere
gathered the pack
to throw us a bone
and to tell
of the year’s results
the usual damn lies
and statistics


in question time
I raised my hand
“the bonus scheme
is supposed to motivate us
but the bigger the salary
the bigger the percentage
ensuring nearly everyone
feels hacked off!
how about
just give a flat rate?
you spend the same
and nearly everyone
would feel great!”

“that’s not the world
we live in”
barked the number two

“don’t we make the world
with our decisions?”
I asked

they left it hanging
as a rhetorical question

a few days later
I saw the number two
in a corridor
he sniffed me out
and whispered
“that lefty rubbish
won’t wash with me!”

yes they get the lion’s share
the dog-eat-dog mind
belongs to the animals


dog and bone
dog and bone
HC: 2020