༺ bucket ༻


impromptu magic show
a large Indian family
had reacted with fear
it was a shock
to see
how they really believed
it was something supernatural
I toyed with the feeling
such awesome potential
but soon gave up
the temptation
and showed them
how some of it was done
“look, it’s in the other hand!”
they relaxed
and began to have fun
it was a relief
yes there’s a deception
but the intent is to charm
to amuse
to bridge the gap
but they are right
to be afraid
look at these other deceptions
the ones that lead
to lynchings
to concentration camps
the appalling trick
of stirring up rage
of summoning demons
like the fear of foreigners
or the belief in superiority
I walked away from the family
but paused
a little boy tried some magic
all by himself
he held a stone
and closed his hand
he blew on it
just as I had done
he snapped his fingers
just like me
and opened his hand
only to find the stone
still there!
his eyes went as wide
as they could go
his mouth
perfectly round
he really learned it
that time
that it wasn’t real
not like those others
those who believe
their own sorcery
that they are victims
even while
they kill

HC: 2021