༺ Mahabodhi Moonlight ༻


Bangkok ladyboy
following us
leaving the park
early in the morning
before it got too hot
lots of jugglers
come to practice
but a sprinkler system
would douse everyone
when its clock
told it to
and so we left
and I found myself
talking with the man
who was a woman
all in black
thirty something
trying way too hard
but I felt moved
by her woundedness
a tear in the stockings
she explained her night
in the cells
with no breakfast
the police kicked her out
having deprived her
a night’s earnings
a night’s solicitations
and so I invited her
for grub
whatever you like
I felt magnanimous
and listened
as she talked and talked
and ate and ate
a thick black hair
protruded from the makeup
on her chin
when we left
she kept after me
and wanted me to take
a photo
but she demanded
a glamorous background
not far not far
I smelled a rat
and sure enough
it was a ruse
to try and make me
her client
what made me saddest
was her assumption
that feeding her
was about my need
and not hers
I got away
about the many ways
one can prostitute

HC: 2020