༺ Sunshine & Shadow ༻

carrying the cake

looking down the garden
pausing with her hand
still on the kitchen door
she had just come back
from a week of meditation
my heart leapt in recognition
the poise
the relaxed stance
the golden glow
of love mystery
all around her
“she’s come home”
I thought
“we can both live there”
my worries vanished
and not long after
she accepted my proposal
we jumped around on the bed
right then we saw a rainbow
“it must be a good omen”
we thought

a year or so later
after the ceremony
driving home
on the way back to
a garden party
we held hands
I felt enveloped
by an eternal peace
a long straight road
a beautiful tunnel of trees
a moment
to ring
through the epochs

a few hours in
to the garden jollities
the weather suddenly
turned cold
I saw all the goosebumps
down a guest’s leg
“ok, everyone to the hall”
I announced
and right then the thought
“not another omen is it?”

carrying the cake
through the streets
on my head
I didn’t know
that yes
it was


was I in for it

“H and C Sept 15”

HC: 2020