༺ Yarn ༻


in the IT office
childish geeky banter
if someone left their computer
unwisely unlocked
someone would jump on
and send a message

“I love the cock!”

how we laughed

one night it snowed
boy did it snow
the buses were cancelled
me and my chum
crunched in on foot
during the slog and sparkle
we hatched a plan
most dastardly

an adjacent car park
was lower than our office
so there we went
and side by side
in four foot tracks
we spelled out
a message for our friend
the esteemed Mr Bott

“Bott (heart symbol) cock”

we sniggered
and went back to work

our esteemed colleague
had taken a photo
and sent it to a mate
in fun
someone in head office
had overseen it
and that afternoon
a boss barked

“who wrote it?”
I owned up

he gave me a dressing down
I offered to take the hit
and get sacked
if he let my co-conspirator
off the hook

later still
he had the same conversation
with the other miscreant

“I’m Spartacus!”
we had both said

the snow melted
eventually away
into legend


HC: 2020