༺ Yarn ༻


long distance club passing
the final
European Juggling Convention
Maastricht 1989

I had teamed up
with Pete the Punk
he had a smile
that warmed from a distance
we were up against
the hot favourites
Haggis and Lee

someone must’ve nobbled them
somehow they went down
and we won

the prizes were Dutch chocolate
made into juggling clubs
a whole pound of it

flushed with success
we entered the three legged race
whilst juggling of course
I remember it being funny
but now how we fluked it
winning that one too

another wee ceremony
another two clubs
making four pounds
of Dutch choclatey darkness
to smash up
and distribute
a process that took

chocolate club prize, Hughie, Maastricht 1989

HC: 2020