༺ Yarn ༻


it might’ve been Llanelli
or somewhere just like it
me and Seb did a show
at a shopping centre

we had giraffe unicycles
and the help
of a grumpy security guard
the natural enemy
of the street performer

I remember the enjoyment
of making him carry
some of our stuff
making him look
like part of the show
his suppressed fury
made me happy
a sweet sweet revenge

Seb discovered he could hover
on the five foot uni
onto the walkalator
that went up
to the second floor
he made it to the top
a death defying feat
and received a tremendous
round of applause

the obvious thing
was for me to try it too
he came down
as I went up
high fiving
in the middle

the entire shopping centre
at a standstill
without security

Peewee & Seb in the fish car

HC: 2020