༺ Yarn ༻

leather jacket

that leather jacket
kinda saved my life

stepping off the train
in Sowerby Bridge
I shivered
a half snow
had come
to kill

huddling through the market
I saw prominently displayed
a rock & roll jacket
red on the shoulders
red on the elbows
all beat up
but lined and warm

a sticker on it
said £10
so I rummaged through my pockets
a night out in Bradford
at my chum’s place
chess, beer, spliffs
and I was a bit hungover
and worried about no dinner
the circus tour
had left me skint
and threadbare

a tenner!
hang the dinner
the jacket won hands down
won’t be sniffed at

back at the bus
my folks had sent a letter
was a tenner

Hughie in leather jacket

HC: 2020