༺ Yarn ༻


there is a levitation trick
we’re not supposed to tell
how it’s done
like most magic
the secret
is disappointing

returning from the bathroom
to my brand new girlfriend’s
it was all bedecked
with candles

with not a stitch on
I realised
the setting was perfect
so I went into character
walked very slowly
to the end of the bed

in a solemn gesture
of finger to lips
I asked for her quiet
and total attention

after a dramatic pause
I lifted
a handswidth
off the floor
and floated
for an impossible

I managed to keep the mood
dead serious
as I took both her hands
in mine
and gazing into
her big round eyes
made her promise
that she would never tell
a living soul
what exactly
she had just witnessed

never good at deadpan
I must’ve laughed
for half an hour

so if you can keep
a secret

so can I


HC: 2020