༺ Yarn ༻


the lorry arrived
one thousand CDs
my album
was here

a bunch of us
ran down the stairs
the guy rolled up a shutter
hefted out one of the boxes
one hundred copies

excitement built up
negotiating cardboard
flaps and folds
then there it was

Mantrasphere cover

the printing looked ok
there was fiddly cellophane
and everything
an actual real album
at last

the first copy
I gave to the driver
a sort of good luck ritual
he accepted with a sniff
made me sign a form
and got gone

there was a party
a few weeks later
a programmer friend
turned fashion photographer
had a bunch of models
over for a house party

it snowed
I skidded
mostly sideways
grimly determined to make it
whatever the damage
after all
you never knew
we might get snowed in
and now I was
a genuine
bona fide
recording artist

it might have a Buddhist theme
but I aint
no monk

Lex, Gestalta, Hughie, x, Madame Bink, Rebecca Tun

Mantrasphere album

HC: 2020