༺ Yarn ༻

The Inevitable Split

the college band
was modelled on Kid Creole
and the Coconuts
Orwell’s year

eight of us
different courses
different years
not all in college at all
so we called ourselves
The Inevitable Split

we did tons of gigs
Leeds, Bradford
all over

the best one by far
was at a military place
an amputees recovery unit
only us in the band
not in wheelchairs

a crate of beers
got thrown onto the stage
I tried to remember the chords
as I watched open mouthed
at them dance

I knew you could balance
on the back wheels
but I didn’t know
you could pogo

on one wheel

until it broke

the guy held his stomach
he got dragged off the dance floor
the broken chair
chucked in a corner
another chair materialised
only to be trashed again

it was like a medieval melee
jousting destruction
they shouted for more
at the end of each song

we belted it out
in awe
at fifty drunken blokes
in hysterics
ripping up
their world

Hughie, Inevitable Split 1984

HC: 2020