༺ Pilgrimage ༻


The plane lands in Leh, the capital of Ladakh, and taxis along the runway. A big dog lopes along and merely glances over its shoulder at the plane bearing down upon it, unconcerned. I am impressed with its style! The pressure doors open and the cold mountain air lets us know straight away that we are really high above sea level, some 3500 metres. By the time we have walked over to the terminal the high altitude starts to make its effects known. My legs feel very heavy but my head is helium light. I am met by my host Ngawang who looks after me and advises that one should do very little while one is acclimatising to the altitude. Between naps I meditate.

half a day in the air
the world wildly different

sizzling skies
Martian Himalaya

behind the noise
the same silence

of home