༺ Pali Canon Anthology ༻


MN 122 Mahā Suññyata Sutta: Greater Discourse on Voidness

The Buddha finds Ānanda living with a lot of monks. ‘Ānanda, a bikkhu does not shine by taking delight in company’. One who does so can’t attain the bliss of renunciation, seclusion, peace or enlightenment.

‘I do not see even a single form, Ānanda, from the change and alteration of which there would not arise sorrow […] and despair in one who lusts for it and takes delight in it.’

‘However, Ānanda, there is this abiding discovered by the Tathagata: to enter and abide in voidness internally by giving no attention to all signs’.

A teacher a student and one leading the holy life can all be undone by taking delight in company. They revert to luxury and succumb to craving.

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