༺ Pali Canon Anthology ༻

Snake Bite

SN 35.69 Upasena Sutta: Upasena

“Once Ven. Sāriputta and Ven. Upasena were staying near Rājagaha in the Cool Forest, at Snakeshood Grotto. Then it so happened that a snake fell on Ven. Upasena’s body (and bit him). Then Ven. Upasena said to the monks, “Quick, friends, lift this body of mine onto a couch and carry it outside before it’s scattered like a fistful of chaff!”

Sāriputta says “But we don’t see any alteration in your body or change in your faculties.”

Upasena explains that the tendency to ‘I making’ had long been rooted out so because of that he was unaffected.

They carry him out and then he dies!

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