༺ Mantrasphere ༻


Mantrasphere album cover

Before a retreat with the Western Chan Fellowship in 2008 I was practising a classical guitar piece, the sublime Bach Prelude from BWV 998, and so had it as a repeating ’ear-worm’ for the first few days. This was a pretty normal sort of an occurrence. On day three or four, early in the morning there was some sudden shift and I ‘heard’ the piece in its celestial glory as though played in Heaven by Bach himself! The beauty of it was actually painful in its force. It was a devastating experience. For the next few days I was hearing celestial music forming, dissolving, forever changing. It was a mixture of everything I’ve ever heard and I had not experienced anything like it before or after. On returning from the retreat I picked up my guitar and before playing anything I tried to recall something of the celestial music. Over the next year or so I got a few fragments down. They eventually got recorded by my excellent chum Barry and it became this album. For the recording I got in the late Steve Carvey for percussion, Sophie Muir and Pete Lowry for some backing singing. Barry plays keyboards on a few tracks.

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Three Refuges

Interview on Swindon105.5 with Lisa Coleman
one two three

Produced by Barry Andrews of shriekback

“These mantras, beautifully rendered in a contemporary fashion that retains the spirit of the originals, provide a profound, musical introduction to the basics of Tibetan tantra and to heartfelt Buddhism in general. The singer-composer is to be warmly congratulated on this innovation.” John Crook , Chuan deng Jing Di. Teacher: Western Chan Fellowship.