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Taking the ‘backward step’ in zazen I often find that the unconscious gets to work. Moments significant to me arrange themselves into a haiku/haibun/senryu sort of form, dubbed ‘hughku’ (thanks Brendan!). Making them public is taking the ‘forward step’ of full self-expression, a concept much appreciated from Roshi Reb Anderson.

Few people know how long they have here. That fact made me want to document these anecdotes. Here they are in roughly chronological order.

100% true in all details afaik! Let me know if exageration has crept in - email is in the footer below.

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Hugh Carroll is a magician. A magician of thoughts, of music, of meditation, of empathy and kinship, but here and now, he is a magician of words. These poems are some of his grandest tricks yet. Through honest and incisive prose that seems part Rumi, part diary but all Hughie, we share memories and lucid visions of his vibrant and emotional past.

This is a poetic diarist detailing his heart and soul but his style is just so inviting and humble that it’s hard not to share the feelings behind every experience he documents.

Once you have read these works, you will know Hugh. If you already know him, then you’ll know him better. Regardless, many poets never achieve the directness or elegance shown here. This is a vital and compelling read. Magical, in fact.

– Brendan Hamley

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