༺ Finger Writing ༻


Finger Writing cover

The title poem Finger Writing comes from the symbol of water vapour condensing into droplets when it meets a plate of cold glass which is quite a bit like the process of writing. Amorphous ideas, emotions, sentiments, ‘condense’ into ink marks on the surface of the page or screen. In addition, when you write on a steamed up window pane with your finger you are usually pointing, quite literally, at your own reflection. How pleasing for an image to speak so eloquently! We see ourselves reflected in our attempts at self-expression. Half seen, half remembered fragments swimming about in the unconscious come up and make themselves known.

There are the usual anecdotes, some jokes, philosophising and musing, but all the pieces are ‘waited for’ rather than forced. I’ve been trying to avoid deliberately poetic devices in the main, they are added here and there admittedly, but overall I’ve waited and listened to the unconscious as far as I’m able and eventually something comes up.

June 2024

bed, lappy, mirror & me
bed, lappy, mirror & me