༺ hugle - magic ༻


  • "Hugh was brilliant at our wedding, all the guests said how great he was, made the afternoon go well. Forget Troy, Hugh's tricks are amazing. Thank you for making our special day even more special. X" - Vicki
  • "Dynamo's good, but not as good as Hughie!" - Tashi (7)
  • "You were absolutely fantastic last night. I wanted to say a personal thank you for making a brilliant night even more special we were all wowed by your tricks." - Angela
  • "Hugh worked his magic for us at the Rosita Trust Festival - and had all goggle eyed and amazed. Brilliant, charming and talented - you should book him before he gets too famous and you only get to see him on TV. xxx" - Chelsea Renton
  • "The actual "tricks" you did were phenomenal as they were right in front of our eyes and we couldn't see how you did it. I can only say it was terrific." - Margaret E - Christening party
  • "What you did Saturday was fantastic - your street walk around 121 shows really made the day ....loved it - youre a clever man Mr Carroll....you even confused Gerb!!! ha ha :)" - Que C
  • "Better than Pen and Teller!" Anne Pollard - Jubillee Street Party
  • "You did ridiculously well :) you won the entire place over dude, thank you so much. Awesome." - Ian T - night club birthday party.
  • "Hughie is a great Magician - inspiring to kids and adults alike. Children warm to him and the events bring people together well." - Sophie