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Snapdragon Circus 1990/91

East Oxford Community Centre 1987
Sainte Juggling convention 1989
Roger, Carol and child
Chris Sleight
Roger Schmitz
Mr Gasket does the 'your head is like a hot air balloon' mime
Hughie at the rigging bar from which he fell a year or so after this shot
Jake 'blob' dog
John Whitehead, Snapdragon's owner
Katie Delaney
Katie and Hughie
Kate's beautiful 1950s Bedford Bus
Hughie, Katie, Tim
Mr Gaskett
Antonella Cassella
Emma Lloyd, Peewee and Hughie
Nick Shields and Peewee
Pete, Pez, Em, H and Sarah
Hughie as 'Phil' doing up-across-drop
The ring master hypnotises Mr Gaskett to do tricks
this is the suitcase stunt that went wrong in rehearsals