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Portsmouth Kite Festival

2023 Jul 29

Joe Hadzicki &Hughie Joe Hadzicki (left) and me meeting in real life for the first time. Joe invented the quad-kite and runs club38, the training programme for Revolution kites!

Joe Hadzicki & Hughie Turns out there was lots to talk about.

Joe & Hughie flying Flying together and entertaining the crowd was really fun :)

(photos & vid Mark Irving)

It was my first time out of my hometown in ages. Went by train which was much less impact than driving. I have a chum who lives just 10 minutes from the site and I stayed over with him. Meeting Joe in real life for the first time was such a blast. We had a lot to talk about.

His origin story about how he invented the quad-kite was that he had the idea as he woke up from a dream saying “two wings!”. Everything fell into place from there. Up to that point he was trying to land a delta wing kite by attaching a third line. Along with his brothers they were trying this for ages but eventually gave up. Some months later he was blessed with inspiration upon waking!