༺ Pali Canon Anthology ༻

Bharadvaja The Abusive

SN 7.2 Akkosa Sutta: Insult

Akkosaka Bharadvaja hears that someone from his clan has gone off to ordain with the Buddha. He goes up to him and insults him repeatedly. The Buddha asks him:

“Do people come and visit you?” (yes)

“Do you serve them food?” (yes)

“If they don’t accept the food, who does it belong to?” (me)

“So too, brahmin, we - who do not abuse anyone, who do not scold anyone, who do not rail against anyone - refuse to accept from you the abuse and scolding and tirade you let loose at us. It still belongs to you, brahmin! It still belongs to you! One who abuses his own abuser is said to partake of the meal, to enter upon an exchange. Be we do not partake of the meal, we do not enter upon an exchange. It still belongs to you.”

Bharadvaja is delighted by this response, he ordains and eventually becomes one of the Arahats.

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