༺ Pali Canon Anthology ༻


SN 22.85 Yamaka Sutta: To Yamaka

The bhikkhu Yamaka holds a pernicious view that a fully enlightened person ceases to exist after death. The other monks try to argue him around but cannot. Sariputra is called and he asks him:

“Do you regard the Tathāgata as form-feeling-perception-fabrications-consciousness?”


“Do you regard the Tathāgata as that which is without form, without feeling, without perception, without fabrications, without consciousness?”


“And so, friend Yamaka - when you can’t pin down the Tathāgata as a truth or reality even in the present life - is it proper for you to declare, ‘As I understand the Teaching explained by the Blessed One, a monk with no more effluents, on the break-up of the body, is annihilated, perishes, & does not exist after death’?”


Yamaka get fully enlightened at Sariputra’s questions!

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