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Some Gigs

2012 Jul 29

Wedding magic at the beautiful Stanton House Hotel. A very classic scene on the veranda of the stately home with gorgeous views down the gardens to the lake. Some very frisky bridesmaids made for a memorable performance. Very funny teenager comments ‘You’re not as good as Dynamo’ - ah bless! Tried a few new effects out and got into trouble with one. Rescued it in the end. Luckily I’d built up enough momentum for folks to think it was part of the act!

I usually say that I don’t do kid’s shows but some friends asked me to do a twenty minute show for a 5th birthday. Morgan is a 5th boy and so am I, they are friends too so I said ok. It went really well I thought, it was the right sort of length for this age range I thought and it was a lot of fun to do as well - pics.