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Tashi's party

2013 Jan 01

I’ve been working towards getting a full show together all last year and finally got the opportunity to put it on. Down on the Lizard peninsular in Cornwall, the mighty Sophie has asked me to do new year shows for my godson Tashi for the last 3 years. At the first one I could rely on the bits of magic I’ve been doing since circus days, but the second one meant I had to actually go and learn something! This started the whole ball rolling to actual magician-hood, so it was very fitting to give them the whole show for this, the third time. I was particularly thinking about the persona of the ‘magician’ and I wanted it to be really classical, so I wore a top hat and grew my beard - maybe a little hackneyed but somehow I felt that I really wanted to go with this style as a starting point. I thought a lot about how it might feel to be an actual, real wizard with magic powers and so forth. What seems to have happened for the audience blew my socks off if their reactions were anything to go by. Again and again there were gasps and a wonderful, tingly silence that followed the effects. The most beautiful response is when folk’s pupils dilate and they can’t say anything at all while they are taking in what has just apparently happened! Thanks folks, I now REALLY feel like a true magician!