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70th Birthday Party

2012 Oct 20

My first real go at what they call ’table magic’. I’ve been at a wedding before when they had a (brilliant) magician go around doing a short set for each table and that is kind of what I think of as the benchmark for a working magician. There were 8 tables to work with around 10 people on each. It was interesting to see the variation in reactions between tables and to stay alert to the changes in mood. One of the best responses came from a table which had initially a quite hostile reception to me when I arrived and asked if they were enjoying their dinner, ‘get yer own’ is what one guy said. Woa, tough audience I thought, but he was only playing and it turned out to be a tremendously playful group, very witty and involved throughout. Another table had a very dour ambience which I decided shouldn’t be intruded on more than was contractually obliged, a few quick tricks to the two older ladies who obviously were receptive, and off! What a delight it is to perform for folks like these, I feel blessed. Oh, and some great testimonials came back too.