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socks start

2023 Oct 26

Make a start on toe-up socks on magic loop. They will be a pressie for someone with size 6 feet, UK. That’s US size 8 according to this converter. This conversion is needed in order to use these charts to get the foot circumference. It works out at 21.6cm.

The yarn I have for them is Stylecraft’s ‘Recreate’ recycled yarn. I have the colours:

‘Ink’ (dark grey) Ink

‘Dijon’ (mustard yellow) Dijon

‘Teal’ (green). Teal

The toe up way of doing it is what I’ll try first.
I follow tutorials on youtube:
Knitty Natty

Some notes here so that I can make the 2nd sock the same as the first.

  • cast on 12 on both needles to make 24
    • magic cat’s cradle type technique, see vids
  • increase 1 on each end of both needles
    • actually 1 in from each end
  • alternate with a plain row
  • keep going until there are 48 stitches

After a few sessions we have:

socks #1