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Mam's jumper

2023 Oct 13

completed - 1

completed - 2

completed - 3

Second project, a jumper for my mam. She chooses a pattern and yarn from the Spinning Weal.


The pattern had a dead technical section for cabling on the arms. We decided to ignore all that and do regular stockinette but that meant calculating all the rows and stitches for where the arms join the body. This made for a lot of trial and error. It was a trial. There was a lot of errors.


The front done - the yarn is ‘Aurora DK’ by James G Brett.

The neck didn’t turn out like the pattern intended and we had to freestyle a bit. I added on an inch with lots of reducing. It is also way wider than she’d like so I’ll take it in at the seams.

The whole project took 7 weeks.