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tanktop done

2023 Jun 21


youtube short


Griff’s tanktop pattern

Baby vest sizes for 1 year old from craftyarncouncil.com: chest 45.5cm
back to waist 19cm
shoulder to shoulder 21cm
arm hole depth 9.5cm
waist 50.5cm

505mm / pi = 160mm = 16cm
Add 2 so that the circ should be about 56cm for growth.

10cm x 10cm
15 stitches x 20 rows

18cm = 27 sts - round up to 28


cast on 48

rib clr green

rows 1 - 6, [k2, p2]*

rows 7 - 26, stockinette with k2 at each end ie.
two row repeat:
swap colours
k2, p*, k2

Alternate colours every 4th row carrying resting yarn up the side.

arm holes

row 27, reduce by 2. left leaning on the right, right leaning on the left:
k2, ssk, k*, k2t, k2

row 28, k2, p*, k2

repeat last two rows, reducing by two each knit row
change colour for another 4 rows reducing as above
two stripes reduces by 8 stitches
there should now be 40 stitches

v neck

put left 20 stitches on hold, continue with right side 20 stitches:

right side

two row repeat:
k to end minus 4, k2t, k2
k2, p*, k2
..until you have 10 stitches
put right side on hold

left side

two row repeat:
k2, ssk, k to end
k2, p*, k2
..until you have 10 stitches


as the front up to the v neck
continue with 40 stitches up to row 60

button strap

continue with the stripes for another 3 sections ie. 12 rows.
this will be the little strap to go over the right shoulder.
put a button hole in the middle of the last 4 rows and cast off.


seam up the sides and at the top left shoulder.
add a button to line up with the hole made.