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Tibetan letters

2021 Oct 11

Here’s how I worked with Tibetan letters on the computer. To record some useful stuff learned in the design process I thought to blog it here for posterity. I used BabelStone Tibetan font. After installing on my linux system I used the Gimp editor. In a text entry box go ctrl+shift+u then enter a unicode eg. ‘0f00’ and hit enter. In vim you go ctrl+v then ‘u’ and the ‘0f’ prefix and then the code.

The codes all start with ‘0f’ so I’ll just give the two character codes to add to that. For diactics do the above but add a second code before entering (represented with a slash eg. 53/72 = ནི).

See wikipedia.


ༀ མ ནི པ དྨེ ཧཱུྃ {: .mantra}

om 00
ma 58
ni 53/72
pa 54
dme 51/a8/7a
hum 67/71/74/83

Green Tara:

ༀ ཏ རེ ཏུ དྟཱ རེ ཏུ རེ སྭཱ ཧཱ {: .mantra}

om 00
ta 4f/71
re 62/7a
tu 4f/74
tta 51/9f/71
re 62/7a
tu 4f/74
re 62/7a
sva 66/ad/71
ha 67/71

ཏཱྃ tam 4f/71/83/


om ah hum
00 68/71/7f 67/71/74/83
ༀ ཨཱཿ ཧཱུྃ

benza (‘vajra’ literally ‘ba dzra’)
56 5b/b2
བ ཛྲ

42/74 62/74
གུ རུ

pema (literally ‘padma’)
54 51/a8
པ དྨ

66/72 51/a1/b7/72
སི དྡྷི

hum (repeat)
67/71/74/83 14
ཧཱུྃ ༔

ༀ ཨཱཿ ཧཱུྃ བ ཛྲ གུ རུ པ དྨ སི དྡྷི ཧཱུྃ ༔ {: .mantra}

..and here with the proper punctuation and decorations

༄༅༎ 04/05/0e

༌ 0c

༄༅༎ༀ༌ཨཱཿ ཧཱུྃ༌བཛྲ༌གུ༌རུ༌པདྨ༌སིདྡྷི༌ཧཱུྃ༔ {: .mantra}