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session 14

2022 Jan 25


This is the ‘Chan’ character. Two reasons for doing this: 1st to do a test on the finalising milk treatment which should harden the surface. Last time I tried this the stone was not fully dry and so moisture was trapped underneath. It bloomed a horrible looking mould or algae which took a lot of fixing. This stone is an offcut from the stone mason’s skip. 2nd reason is to have a go at the engraving of letters. So far all my cutting has been in the relief style as taught at Lamayuru.


Start of final pass. It’s hard to see from the photo but the stone was washed off after last session. The Bath stone goes very pale when it’s been worked on but then goes back to its honey colour after being washed. This makes it easier to make decisions on how best to complete it. The initial motif should now be in its final shape.