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session #5

2022 Jan 17


Session #5. About 2/3rds of the way through the initial pass. It looks like it will need at least 3 passes. I’m going to guess that we’ll have a count of about 25 sessions by the end.

The central bar of the ‘dzra’ ཛྲ disintegrated the moment I went near it! There are pockets of unstable powder and also lumps of much harder and whiter crystalline stuff to negotiate. I was worried that this much bigger stone would be too heavy to work with in the way I’ve learned but it’s proving just about do-able.

The ME situation is that there is usually a ‘post exertional malaise’ after activity. Today’s recovery from the session was unusually long - zonked for around 2 hours. Might have to shorten the sessions to sustain the work.